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Reviews for Matt's Plumbing Solutions, Your Local Plumber

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Fast response & repair, Goes above and beyond looking out for customers.

- Kari Feldewerd | Ramsey, MN |

My floor drain was backing up into my basement. One call to Matt’s Plumbing Solutions is all it took. Rich was there in less than one hour and did a great job! He also gave me some tips to help maintain my plumbing. I will recommend Matt’s Plumbing to others!

- Mike | Ramsey, MN |

Just wanted to send a note to thank you for getting someone out to my house to address my water heater over the holiday weekend. I also just want to let you know how pleasant Buck was during the call. As you probably know, you are fortunate to have a guy like him working for you. Thanks again.

- Scott LaPlante | Ramsey, MN |

I woke up early January 1st to find out we had no running water. Matt arrived an hour later. As unluck would have it our water softener was out. Matt bypassed the softener and water was restored. They returned the following day to replace the softener. The service Matt’s Plumbing Solution provided exceeded expectations.

- Rich & Molly Scherer | Ramsey, MN |

Our sewer had backed up in the laundry room and we figured it was tree roots. We called another plumber who came out to Auger out the sewer. He couldn’t get the Auger down the pipe so he ran a camera down instead. The pipe was so broken and was collapsing that he could not even do the auger work. The charge for the camera was outrageous and his bid to do work was very high. Matt’s Plumbing Solutions was referred by our brother-in-law who used to work with Matt so we called Matt. He was prompt, personable, professional, and a great guy to work with. He had to come out in January. We had a pretty mild winter so he tackled getting through the frost line without using a heat blanket. When he got down to the sewer line it consisted of three different types of materials that were all broken up. Sand was pouring through the holes. It was a mess. Matt put in all new sewer out to the street with an outside access should we ever need it. Everything has been working great ever since and we are very pleased. We highly recommend Matt for any plumbing needs and will certainly use him again should the need arise.

- Carol & Randy Pierson | Richfield, MN |

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