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Why You Should Say "No!" To The Wait On Fixing Your Small Plumbing Problems

Burst pipe

“I have a tiny leak under my faucet, but I don’t really think I need to fix it right now”.... “Well I know my toilet tank is leaking, but it can’t really be costing me that much”....We all do it. We put off that minor car repair, we know we have that filing that we need to go to the dentist for, but we are just too busy to fit it in. One small inexpensive repair whether it is your home, your can, your teeth, your health, your life should be addressed sooner rather than later. A small filling can easily turn into a root canal, missed oil changes can turn into needing a new head gasket and that leaky faucet….. Worst case scenario, if left untreated over the winter in Minnesota could result in bursted pipes.

While you may think that it is not costing you very much money, you are still paying the city for water you are running down the drain, this could range from $20-$100 a month. Well water? You may not be paying for the water but you are paying for the additional electricity to pump the water. Not to mention if there is water damage, mold, replacement of floors, carpets, cabinets, etc. We should also consider the impact this has on the environment!

In conclusion, while it may be easier in the moment to let these small things go, studies show taking care of a small problem before it becomes a big problem is the most cost and time effective way to best care for your home and plumbing needs

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